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Welcome to the Plastic Surgery Centre. Here you’ll find a complete range of both surgical and non-surgical services for patients seeking to refine their natural beauty.

Discreetly Designed

Convenient yet quiet and private, the Plastic Surgery Centre is designed to ensure that your visit is discreet. Discover a clinic crafted to bring you comfort from the first consultation.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Remaining up to date with the world’s advances in plastic surgery, the Plastic Surgery Centre can bring your beauty to life. Because nothing less will do.

Digital Imaging

Informed and inspired. Realistic digital imaging tools showcase achievable results for your body using photography and simulation technology. The first step in revealing your ideal self.

Reveal The
Beauty Within.

Begin your journey to the true you.

Speak with our beauty experts to create a personalized plan for bringing out the best in you.

Greg Waslen


Earl Campbell


For services not covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, a consultation fee may be charged.

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